When fintech meets the fashion industry.

Who is ModelTag?

ModelTag is a startup based in Tallinn, Milan, and Paris. Founded by three Italians in 2017, with years of experience in digital marketing and trend analysis, with publications on New York Times, speaking at international digital and innovation conferences, and analyzing social media with the most advanced tools.

ModelTag is funded and supported by the French Government, Ministry of Innovation, Startup Wise Guys accelerator program in the Baltics, and Facebook Start FBStart program from California.

How We started

The smartphone app for new faces in the fashion industry.

Matching brands with models has never been so easy.

What we like to do


The annual ModelTag conference tackles new trends in the digital marketing industry. The 2019 edition focuses on the new social network TikTok.

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Boost for Restaurants

The influencer marketing service dedicated to boosting visibility and online reputation, specifically targeting the food industry.

We make it simple to share your ideas with target audiences.

Whether you're managing a multi million dollar advertising budget or a promoting a local business, we have the tools and infrastructure to help you launch the best campaign on the right audience.

Want to know more?

Drop us a line at info@modeltag.com 😉